Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Shift in Recurring Dreams

I used to have two related recurring dreams: I'm either being chased, or chasing someone / something. If I'm being chased, the battle usually involves guns, knives and close combat fighting. I'll usually run in and around vast ravaged buildings, huge skyscrapers that are crumbling away. Two tall brick buildings fallen into each other in the middle of an even bigger dirt pit. I climb around, fend off attackers and bullets, have knife fights in small cars. If I am chasing something, I never get there on time. I'll be at a concert and for some reason won't be able to get in. I wander around outside trying to get inside, and by the time I do the band is done playing. The music is always clear but distant.

Now I'm having a different dream. I've had three variations thus far. In the first, I can vividly hear and compose music. It comes out in loud and soaring electronic synthesizers, and I can see the colors of every note. Each chord has a different synaesthetic tone. They are all bright. I compose the song, then forget it. In the second dream, I write the first page of a novel in a blank white book already bound and ready for publication. The first page deftly sets up the rest of the book. I forget what I wrote as soon as the pieces all come together. In the third and most ridiculously literal of these dreams, I write and direct a fantastic episode of "The Larry Sanders Show." I wake up, and forget all the jokes. I haven't figured out if the forgetting is part of the dream, or if I need to learn how to retain the dream information once I awake.


Shawn said...

"have knife fights in small cars." Love it.

joe said...

My favorite part too. The perfect image of anxiety.