Monday, February 7, 2011

Academy Screening #4: Animal Kingdom

What a bitchin' poster
Supporting Actress: Animal Kingdom

Will it win? Nah, but that'd be cool. It'll be Melissa Leo, is my guess.

Should it have been nominated? Yes. Actually a good nomination. 

My favorite part of The Sopranos (and I don't mean to fart out a comparison between this crime family movie and The Crime Family TV Show just because, but stick with me here) is that every once in a while you'd get an outside perspective that'd make you think that maybe the Sopranos were just a glorified bunch of goons. A side character, usually a different family's boss, would mention offhandedly how low-rent the Soprano family was, and this was a cool touch because it made you think about the point of view of the story, and the point of view you weren't getting and where the truth actually fit into how the story was being told. Animal Kingdom rides that same line and does it concisely and scarily and doesn't tip its hand until near the end of the film, and I loved it. There's another difficult touch that Animal Kingdom pulled off well: to give the family a depth and rigor and make it feel deserved. I felt how deep their history was and it wasn't forced, it was very lyrical and tonal. This is the first screening I've really liked, and the first I'd watch again. 

Next Up: Doc Shorts!

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