Monday, February 7, 2011

Academy Screening #3: Rabbit Hole

Lead Actress: Rabbit Hole

Will it win? No.

Should it have been nominated? I don't particularly think so. 

There's only one scene in Rabbit Hole that I felt John Cameron Mitchell's presence whole heartedly, and it's when Aaron Eckhart and Sandra Oh get stoned before going into a grieving parents group for parents who have lost their children. I guess it was also the only time I felt like it wasn't one of those movies, single issue movies or maybe call them message movies about a certain devastating human experience that the characters must traverse to come out the other end cathartically healed. It was a hilarious scene, and one of only a few times when the characters popped up out of the pretense of the film and really became human. This happens a few times: Eckhart going over-the-top in a screaming match with Kidman, and Kidman meeting her son's killer for the first time. Otherwise I felt like I was missing a filmmaker capable of wild humanity. Restraining himself too much? Trying to move in another direction? I'm not sure. I hope he pulls off another great one though, regardless of genre. 

Up Next: Animal Kingdom!

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