Monday, January 31, 2011

Academy Screening #1: Hereafter

I hereby declare February renamed  FebreeeAcademyScreeningMonth! And since I'll be seeing so many movies, I figured I'd post some blurbs about each one here. Shocker.

Visual Effects: Hereafter

Will it win? No.

Should it have been nominated? Hell no.

Sounds like a political nomination to me, since the effects are dated and boring and poorly executed. At one point a computer generated tear runs down a child actor's face. The movie was fairly ridiculous, too. Bad enough that I was chuckling at it, good enough that I felt bad about chuckling at it. In a good film, this 2+ hour movie would be about a 4 scene sequence that takes up maybe, maybe ten minutes of screen time. Though, there was one scene I really enjoyed. Matt Damon and Bryce Dallas Howard take a cooking class together, and have a whole 'first flirt' conversation with Howard in a blindfold. She's doing blind taste testing, but having her in a blindfold was really visually arresting. I don't know if I've ever watched a whole scene, shot all in close ups, with one character casually blindfolded: big black mask over the top half of her face, you keep wanting to see her eyes and keep trying, despite the mask. Jump cut to Damon now wearing the blindfold, conversation continues. Reminds you of the first time Damon is on screen, his face totally in shadows and his eyes unreachable. Peter Morgan's screenplay cuts the scene's potential by explicitly accenting the 'she's blindfolded but actually revealing herself' aspect of the scene, and as is usual in his latest movies Clint Eastwood feels like he's directing the first draft of the script. Nice, funny scene, though that stood out in a long, boring movie. 

Up Next: Barney's Version!

Update: A nice post about the importance of eyes in "The Social Network" over at Film Art Blog. 

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