Thursday, November 4, 2010

What I'm Reading

1. Oral History of the Pixies
Very cleverly written book. It reads like a play, with character names listed in bold and their words printed next to it. The author pulls from interviews and articles with Pixies and other musicians to build a chronological history of the band. 
I picked this up from Michelle's mom years ago, and I'm finally smart enough to read it (that's how it feels). I remember opening the book in High School and thinking "What the hell?!" Now it's a very eloquent and engaging read. Helps me with life in general. Maybe not more than therapy did, but helps build on the stuff I've learned this year. 
Amazing and comprehensive article on fundraising via kickstarter. Once MULE DAYS nears the finish line we will almost certainly be using this website for seed-capital. Very helpful article for anyone interested in grass roots funding via the internet. Thanks to Nancy for sending me this. 
Actually I've been browsing the links on the side of his page more than I have read actual entries in his blog. Considering I run a blog that has a lot to do with movies, it seems absurd that I've never thought to actually search out and read other film blogs. A lot of them are very entertaining, and the most engaging are the most personal. Sunset Gun is the most personal I've found. 


Ju-osh said...

Do you read comments to old posts? Guess I'll find out...
Now that a few months have passed, would you still recommend the Pixies book? I've debated buying it for a while now, and my only REAL reason for not plopping down the cash seems to be that (according to the reviews I've read) Kim Deal/Kim Deal's side of the story is nowhere to be found within. Does this present a problem? Is her absence even mentioned in the book? Mostly I guess I'm wondering DO YOU STILL THINK ABOUT STUFF THAT YOU READ IN THIS BOOK?

joe said...

It's an interesting set up for a book -- it reads like a play since its an oral history compiled from different interviews -- but I think it could have used an editor. There were bits in every section that I appreciated, and it made me re listen to each album in a new context. Particularly surfer rose and bossonova. I skimmed the final section since it wad basically rehashing the loud quiet loud documentary. Do I still think about it? I just finished it so .... sure. would I recommend it? Not unless you're a fan that's also read other sources.