Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blogdanovich on PSYCHO

Peter has a new blog up that has some great writing about great films. He has the ability to write very objectively good reviews that rely not on his idiosyncrasies as a person, but his craft as a writer. My best reviews have always relied heavily on the former, and when I strive for the latter I rarely achieve anything but statue-esque and pretentious write-ups. His piece on PSYCHO is particularly enjoyable. I always knew what the film did to its original audience, and Peter's piece doesn't give me any new factual information, but this is still the first time I've felt what it did so closely.

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emma said...

I'm only at the second paragraph, but I wanted to mention before I forget that the best part of the willis/urban fight scene I loved so much was at the end of the fight when Willis jumps through the glass with a half karate kick/half carp out of water type gesture. After this long ass-kicking session, it was like, whoa, Bruce Willis tired (subtext: ahhh, Bruce Willis is human). It reminded me of that weirdo sex scene in watchmen, but, you know--good.