Saturday, August 21, 2010

Emma's binding books!

A while ago Emma bound me a journal / sketchbook adorned with a sketch of her own taped to the cover: I asked her to draw me, and instead she drew a pig with a beard wearing a hat. Touche, little binder, touche.

She's continued binding books, and they are very crafty and beautiful. She used paper from her grandmother's collection for the covers, and pressed a variety of pages as filling: some lined paper, some sketch paper, some floor plans, some movie pictures.

A couple of years ago Grant sent us down a book for APE that was unbound, so Emma will tackle those next. There's ten of Grant's books, and if we can scrounge some other books together, we may have enough for another year at APE! I'll start asking around. Good job, Emma!


Christina Gubalalalala said...

OMFG can she help me with the Concert Haikus book!?

emma said...

OMFG GOOBS! It would be a pleasure and an honor. Please come to my paleta party on Saturday--we can discuss layout and cover designs :)

homegrown said...

I love how these turned out! They look great, Emma :)

Christina Gubalalalala said...

Gahh Em, I got your comment too late! When I get back from Australia, I am going to schedule some time with you to a. catch up, and b. discuss this. Back from Oz on Sept. 26 (my 26th birthday... hmmm perhaps we should make 26 copies).