Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2 Years Later ....

Here's the comprehensive draft of Mule Days so far. It incorporates the music by Dave Hall and Aaron Stein-Chester. No changes, just a full upload of what we have. This is what we'll be giving to The Big Whigs to show them that we have something coming together.

May 25 Comprehensive Draft from Joseph Peeler on Vimeo.

I'm already exhausted, but I'll try to keep a journal during our time in Bishop. We'll be there from Thursday to Sunday. If not, I'll transcribe my physical journal writings a bit later and post them here some time next week.

I've learned a lot editing the picture so far, and I'm excited for our style to change a bit when we get into town this time. We have 5 interviews we know we need to get that tie into the story we already have:

1. Tucker.
2. Tucker's Mule.
3. The New Clown.
4. A Former Bishop Princess.
5. The Guy to Tell us About Mules.

Other than that, I simply want to implement the biggest lesson learned in my editing so far: the events need people, and the people need events. The example I've been using is the parade. It's a lovely bridge between scenes, but it would be better if our bridges were little scenes as well. If we talked to that dancing girl or a kid in the marching band or the guy holding the jackass sign, the parade could have had that little extra spark. I hope we'll find that as much as we can this time around.

The side stories we filmed in 2008 are difficult to implement into the movie right now because they are 1. too stationary and 2. without context. We usually conducted sit-down interviews with people we ran into and didn't really give them a place in the Mule Days celebration. So it works both ways. I'd like more stand up, in the moment "on the fly" active interviews like the one we have with Mike, the packer father, after he wins his competition. The people are more interesting in the event, and you care more about the event if you meet the people in it.

I'll refrain from posting clips, but I was very impressed by Louis Malle's approach in "God's Country," and his openness to his subjects. He helped me realized that we just need to be open to meeting and chatting with new people.

Excited and nervous. We'll have to hit the ground filming.


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You attract some scum, Joe. Please tell me your secret!

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PS. Speaking of scum, what about this hilarious news item I just noticed: "'Stunning' discovery for Afghan economy

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Or, don't click the link, and only read this paragraph:

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'Stunning' discovery for Afghan economy

The U.S. identifies nearly $1 trillion in rare untapped mineral deposits.

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You see what happened there.

Be cool man. We got eyes on us.

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Fuck the system.

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Is this guy coming or is he going?

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