Friday, November 27, 2009

Two Soundtracks

I've gotten a hold of these two film soundtracks recently, and they've made me want to watch their accompanying movies. One in particular, for the film "Le Planete Sauvage" (Fantastic Planet), has really tickled my eardrums. Structurally, I can really hear where Air's soundtrack to the "The Virgin Suicides" comes from, and listening to it from that standpoint alone is super interesting in and of itself.

I'm also digging this soundtrack for "Un Homme et Une Femme." The theme is so silly and nonchalant, wry almost.

With the "New Moon" phenomenon of putting together different musical "brands" to attract moviegoers, it is nice to listen to scores made for specific films, particularly in the case of these two, those composed in styles befitting their concepts and instrumented in contemporary musical language. They address or respond to their movies in a deliberate way, be it directly like the first trailer or more indirectly like the second. I think this approach is powerful, and it allows the music to both stand alone and serve as a filmic complement.

I'm curious to have the experience of watching these movies after listening to their soundtracks (as I did, by the way, with The Virgin Suicides). I had not seen that Fantastic Planet trailer until writing this post, so now I'm really geeked.

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Shawn said...

Why do you call it the New Moon phenomenon?