Sunday, November 15, 2009

Los Angeles, are you teasing?

Withnail & I (w/ director Bruce Robinson in person!) - 8p
Director Bruce Robinson will be in person at the Cinefamily for a Q&A after the screening!

Whaaat? Call in sick, quit your job, run away from home, whatever you have to do...are you kidding me? Be there. Are you teasing? This isn't sold out. This isn't sold out?

This is like The Box in real life, and by not going you're pushing a button, making an awful decision, which in turn means that the next time we see each other you'll have to shoot me through the heart. SHOOT me THROUGH the HEART.

It's a silly day here in Portland. The rain has momentarily ceased and my spirits have been lifted. Mario has entered our household, and some days everything seems very simple, very easy. Speaking of which, if I can find something intense enough (if I can find a movie with the heat to cool my thoughts), and congeal this blob of energy waiting for expression, I'm going to say things about this and that. One day I will speak of this and that, and read Joe's Russian BBQ script (isn't it a Russian BBQ script? I hope so, can't wait to read it!).


emma said...

just in: bruce robinson won't be there. so, slightly less heart piercing (for you).

Shawn said...

What's that about??

joe said...

withnail sold out, and then we thought there would be a bonus screening tonight but that didn't happen. bummer. may just go ahead and stand by tomorrow night and see if we can get it.

weird synchronicity, though: i started reading The Rum Diary today, then googled it to see when it was originally published, and came up with its IMDB page -- to be adapted + directed by bruce robinson. weird. i'll take it as a sign to see the movie.

Shawn said...

The Rum Diary is a good book too. I didn't realize Robinson was making the film. I clicked the locations button on IMdb...ok I clicked that button and do you know what it says? It says:

San Juan, Puerto Rico
Vega Baja, Puerto Rico
(Cockfight scenes)

P.S. Noah and Batty agreed to allow me to point cameras at them and shoot a documentary. Wednesday I am interviewing him before his show, filming some of the show, and filming down in the prep room.

I actually watched two sideshow documentaries as a warm up. They focused on the historical aspect, with an emphasis on the degeneration of the sideshow tradition and the ensuing prominence of the working man as the figurehead of the contemporary sideshow.

They were superficial, in other words, and relied on the factual and the bizarre for substance. I decided to take an immersive approach instead. As I pitched the idea to Noah and Dingo: my documentary will be about the real-life friendship of the two. That's it. Basically I'm reasoning that somewhere in the dna of their friendship is a supportive or explanatory reason for them doing what they do which will naturally rise to the surface with patience and without emphasis.

And of course also:

Portland, Oregon
(sideshow scenes)