Monday, October 5, 2009

Top Secret.

If you want to put on a play around the holiday season we'll have to begin setting things up immediately. I'm going forward with my space werewolf from another dimension concept, the subject of which is going to be sexual insecurities, obviously, and I just need to know a deadline so I can decide the intensity with which I should pour myself into this. We should also tell Jason.

In a writing frenzy the other day I wrote this big long monologue as kind of a rough draft of what I'm going to do. I have to stream it down and apply structure, but I think these first two paragraphs nicely introduce the tempo and handling of material, though may not ever make it into a final draft, though may, I mean we'll have to see.

"Explaining the difference between dimensions is damn near impossible. Not the existence of them, but the attributes. How well could you explain density, if density wasn't a fact? If it was abstract. Have you explained depth to a two-dimensional creature? I've done it though, really. It's the subject of my Tuesday workshop in the 2nd dimension. Rest assured that I could enumerate all twenty dimensions of my home planet if I believed the information were relevant. If I even thought it was interesting.
Anyway I want to get past comparatives and composite date, you know. It's like whatever. I - I…
Listen when I, and here's the thing, when I want to appear in a different form for you I can. I can be whatever I intend to be. I'm a werewolf now, you can all see that, I'm definitely a werewolf, and I'm a great looking werewolf because I've done my studies, and I know what a werewolf looks like. I also know a lot about suits and fashion. I subscribe to GQ. No big deal."

Because basically my protagonist is this insecure, dimension traveling creature who's kind of the media-learned visitor cliche, kind of a horror parody, and kind of a really intimate soul-bearing character. Maybe like if George Bernard Shaw had listened to Enya and watched a lot of Ghostbusters and TMNT as a child, though that's rather silly.

Anyway the set and costume will be tremendously easy. You simply need a male actor to grow out his facial hair, very long and werewolfish (oh really), and then he wears a suit, and behind him there's going to be a staticy television and a full moon. Very simple, very cheap and practical. Mine's one-man.

K. Let's go-go.


joe said...

Mine's one man, too. I'm going to start frequenting the theater space downtown very soon. She invited us to the holiday show, but I'll start going before then and see what I can stir up. Really, no idea until then on a deadline, but it won't be before Thanksgiving surely. That's my guess.

joe said...

Also -- love the sample. Looove it.