Monday, October 19, 2009

Thor Eat Joes, Lucky Dragons

This weekend we shot a Doritos commercial that involved a viking playing charades, and then spent the next day filming 'long' or video portraits of various friends. We plan to cobble together the portraits into a kind of impromptu Lucky Dragons music video. We shot on the RED camera on Saturday, then had Sunday to do whatever we want -- so hopefully in a week or so we'll have a music video put together.

Ryan DPed the commercial and I was 2nd AD on set. It was the brain child of our other friend Ryan. We shot in Silver Lake and I got to see downtown at sunrise and sunset from an angle I rarely see.

The shot of the day was a fun in-camera trick. We wanted a Viking POV shot as he looks from one end of the room to the other, so we set up the RED cam on sticks about 7 feet high, then rigged the viking helmet to the camera. Here's a photo:

The camera looks straight down the center of the helmet, so the frame is flanked by two big horns. Pretty funny shot. I'm excited to see how the commercial comes out -- its for a Super Bowl competition with various cash prizes. You can google the details.

Unfortuntately the codec doesn't work on my computer, so I can't post stills from the music video just yet. I bet I'll have it up and running by tonight, though, so that'll come sooner than later.


Shawn said...

Since usually you're not in your own pov, wouldn't that be an over-the-helmet (oth) shot?

joe said...

ah, yes! the ol oth shot.

Shawn said...

I do think that viking imagery and Doritos mix perfectly together. I would like to hear Ryan talk about obvious and nonobvious differences between shooting on film and on the Red, too. I like how they have you typing it RED like that, even though it's not an acronym or abbreviation for anything.

And I can't wait to see the Lucky Dragons video.

Shawn said...

And I was also just thinking to myself that my deflections on the matters of pov vs. oth and RED vs. Red might detract from the intended adulation. Because sometimes my OCD inhibits functional conversation, and I want to stress that unending and unconditional praise and good wishes were my objectives. This then is my official comment, and should serve to tip the scales fully onto the positive side, and I am sending beams of love and warmth from my heart to all of yours.

joe said...

haha! great! and i know that by now. i mainly type RED because I'm actually SO excited to shoot on something that high quality. Super stoked about watching it in action. it was a conscious decision.

also here is the visual equivalent.