Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stoop Sittin'

Morning smells like fresh bread and sunset smells like stew here on North Ogden Drive. In the thick of work this summer, I stepped out of my car about two blocks down. I walked up the street and each house I passed smelled like a different meal. It was a nice summertime reminder that other people exist, which can be an easy thing to forget when you are tired, depressed, and at the whim of those vacant and heartless. Stoop sittin' has since become my favorite past time.

The stoop's a nice place to be. I get the smells, the view, a drink and a book or a couple of friends. Today I sat through sunset and thought that, after a long period of relative inactivity, things are brewing these days. I hope it keeps on like this. This week we will receive our first check and perform our first paid job as 415.5 Productions. It's a series of training videos all shot in a conference room. It'd be nice to continue this and generate our own paid work. "Stanley Bigot" remains constipated, but I am chipping away at it. Soon it will be ready to be pooped out. Harry's going to start back work on his script ("Dead Dog in The Trunk" anyone?) and our plan is to meet every week and talk and keep each other on track / verbalize problems and work through them.

The Mirror Friends video is looking good in the early cuts. Very exciting. The Doritos commercial is in the visual effects stage, next step is sound effects. Ryan's getting a ton of lucrative work. Aaron wrote and recorded a really awesome song the other day and I've been whoring it out to everyone I can get to listen. All at once I figured out the first short story I'm going to write for our little year-long collection. Golden State, the amazing bar around the corner, told us they would love to display our photography on the walls, as we are just about as local as artists can get. So, soon we will have our first local semi-gallery show. Jesse's back so I can finally edit the Mule Days interviews (that feels weird to type) and the thing that's been in the front of my brain for the last three weeks is a question: how do we fund Alperman? Maybe between my 3 jobs, a few loans and some focus we could actually make it some time next year? I dunno. But I do know: the stoop's a nice place to be.

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emma said...

Golden State is not a bar, you know.