Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mirror Friends

Here are some video stills from the long portraits we took. This is a semi-random assortment -- some people aren't represented here, and they are mac screenshots from proxy files, so the video will look better.

Ryan is going to work on editing a bit over the next couple days, and when he returns from San Luis Obispo I'll start editing proper. Really there's no plan past laying down the song "Mirror Friends" and seeing what comes up. Some of the portraits are shot overcranked (about 100 frames a second); some are inside some are out. We scared 2 people, 1 person did skate tricks, 2 people we didn't know, 1 landlord, 1 animal, 2 knives, 10 or so friends. I thought we'd focus on the times when the moment changes; serious to smile, smile to laugh, serious to scared, stuff like that.

Once we line this stuff up, we were going to use the Z1U to film colors to overlay the images, as well as maybe some background inanimate material.

All of this was shot in about 10 hours on Sunday afternoon and evening. We had no lights, only practicals, and didn't really know where we would go beyond the house we happened to be in. Whoever we found, we shot. We thought this would fit well with a band like Lucky Dragons, who tend to experiment with formless, found-sound songs. I do like the idea of prepping differently according to each band, and this is a good start.

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Christina Gubalalalala said...

Thank you so much for posting these. That photo of George is gorgeous.