Tuesday, October 20, 2009

LACMA Film Club

Got this email today:

“The creation of the Film Club is directly related to the impassioned response of the public regarding film at LACMA. We hope the community will demonstrate its dedication to the program by joining us in this new support endeavor. It is imperative that we have financial support on all levels, from individual memberships to major corporate and private donations, in order to sustain long-term programming.” Michael Govan

The Lacma Film club is a $50 add on to any level of LACMA membership. I'm glad film at LACMA is sticking around, and maybe I'm just spoiled from Cinefamily's great cheap offer of 25$ a month for unlimited screenings, but don't these perks sound kind of bogus?

In addition to helping secure the future of LACMA’s film progam, Film Club members enjoy:

  • Advance notice for film screenings at LACMA
  • Priority ticketing
  • Priority admission
  • Subscription to the monthly Film Club e-newsletter
So, what? $50 means I get to spend the same money on tickets earlier than everyone else? Not a word in here about ticket discounts or anything of real financial benefit to members. It seems like they are targeting rich people that can afford to act as miniature patrons, rather than realizing there are throngs of movie goers willing to give them money if it means making things a little bit cheaper.

I missed "The Boy With Green Hair" today (blast!) but coming up are some great Hepburn flicks. Regardless of my complaints, in some future when I have money I will drop $50 to help out.

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Shawn said...

They also received that $150K film grant. The victory here is the community response and subsequent support. If LACMA forgot that LA loves movies, LA didn't forget. A big win.