Thursday, October 29, 2009

If you've seen or are going to see New York, I Love You.

Please pay attention to the Shekhar Kapur section. I want to know how it looks, because Benoît Debie shot it and he's amazing. Also how good the contributions of Joshua Marston, Wen Jiang, and Fatih Akin are. Please let me know.

Benoît Debie, btw, is amazing. I'm going to write about Vinyan tomorrow, but I've also seen and haven't mentioned Innocence, the film he shot for Lucile Hadzihalilovic. It's pure cinema. Beautiful, foundational cinematography.


Christina Gubalalalala said...

My company is releasing that movie and we have been watching clips of it in our meetings. Do you know the subject matter of his scene?

Shawn said...

Unfortunately no. I realize that'd be helpful. Are there not credits before/after each one?

Christina Gubalalalala said...

They do, but we only watch in little increments over the course of multiple meetings so I don't remember any of the credits. I want to see it in full though!