Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dante's 10-07-09.

It was a good night. The trapeze artists were the best part but they performed under a dim and atmospheric red light that my cell phone camera couldn't handle. There was a male fire eater. When William (who was looking SHARP, am I right? He delivered a roughly ten minute monologue on the failure of a certain group of people who initiated a recall vote on Portland mayor Sam Adams, over his sex scandal, the recall was a huge failure, I mean this is Portland, and William really lit up the mic with an amazing string of terrific counter-cultural, perverted, and outrageous jokes on the subject, including a detailed joke on the swallowing of the mayor's cum, that left the audience in a hysterical wide-eyed fit, and was absolutely the best diatribe against traditional values I've ever heard, and certainly the funniest, and I didn't even mention the awesome blumpkin joke), anyway when William introduced the male fire artist he remarked on the scarcity of men in the fire eating profession. Stephanie and I wondered why there aren't more male fire twirlers, until he was on the stage lighting his nipples and crotch on fire. Then we understood but still thought the guy was awesome.

A group of tattoo-necked greasers accidentally wandered in, and subsequently left before the end of the show, but it was a real treat to see them squirm and stare in dismay over the show. Though the roughest of the bunch gave me a genuine kick when he burst into laughter when this male contortionist performed his act to a Coldplay-like song. Some things are funny great beautiful and tragic at once.

No but I know the pictures you've waited this long for. I present you with Dante's, 09-30-09:

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