Friday, September 11, 2009


Almost ready to jump into scripting "Stanley Bigot." The outline is coming together nicely and the different stories are synthesizing themselves into this guy's life. The most difficult things to figure out have been two central questions: Why on earth would a guy decide to open a sex club? and Why would the community go along with it? I've been making a real effort to ground it in actual logic and character rather than relying on some homogenous answer to the two questions -- what makes it interesting is that everyone doesn't go along with it. Things are shaping up.

I purchased this bad boy on ebay for cheap, and I am excited to find it in the mail.

The guy apparently died a couple of years after publishing this, so any other research he did unfortunately never blossomed into another such concisely titled book.

I'm also (finally) half way through Linda Williams' book, which I originally started reading during my time in UCLA's porno seminar. I'm not really reading it for story or thematic purposes, but more because its just interesting to read about hard core cinema.

The most applicable thing so far is the idea of a "pornotopia," and how a few select films try to solve the problem of sex by trying to achieve "better sex." Some films conspicuously turn away from progressive thought, though, and "make one think that neither the sexual revolution nor the women's liberation movement had ever happened. That, precisely, is their utopian appeal for some male audiences." That's a great idea -- that the regressive qualities are precisely what makes them so appealing.

On the periphery I've been watching some of the short films of Jonas Mekas (click the picture) and watched two uninformative biographies on Charles Manson and John Waters. The biographies didn't really help much, but if you're doing something else you can put them on in the background and catch an interesting tidbit every once in a while. Not really research but just something I watched lately.

I started reading the Dupin mysteries by E.A. Poe. While I read Poe I often drift off and think about the townspeople I'm writing. Somewhat incongruous, but I'm sure they have something thematic in common: the collective secrets, the parsing of clues, the combating systems of logic, things like this. Excited to get going on the script. Almost there.

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