Friday, August 14, 2009

Good News Bad News

Good News:

We worked out a solid concept for the Beg Waves video. There was a funny idea you should know about that involved a guy washing himself with one of those sprinklers that shoot water periodically in huge jets from left to right. Just a guy, washing himself, big open field.

Here's an excerpt from an email I sent Ryan:

-- on the way home I cracked what the video should be about (and, in effect, any Ponytail video we do). I was thinking about their song they played live for pitchfork, it was something like "Late for School." That was the whole song -- all the lyrics, just late for school. And "Oh no!" or something. Very Ponytail-y.

So, here's the thematic key for the video, which is something the band does with their combo of nonsense / energy: the first half would be our guy doing very mundane or regular or not-regularly-exciting things, and we portray the middle -- not the beginning or ends -- of these actions with energy, just like the band does. So our first three shots would be something like this.

Close up, slo mo -- guy gets blasted in face with sprinkler.
Close up, slo mo -- frisbee flying in midair (only the white of the disc and the blue of the sky around it visible)
Wide shot, slo mo -- reveal guy at sprinkler at far left of frame, right of frame the frisbee flies by, guy takes off running at full speed to catch the frisbee.

We don't show him catching the frisbee. From then on, everything's just the middle of the action.

Bad News:
After literally half a minute of searching, I found this:

I don't really like the video, but nevertheless we would be the "other video."

So, we scratched it.

Good News -- We're talking to our buddy Raul tomorrow about a Mika Miko video idea, and the possibility of shooting it with funding and involvement from the band. So, here's to that.

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