Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beg Waves

Ryan and I are planning a music video for the song Beg Waves. You can listen to it here. I've come up with two general plans for a video, one requiring the location of an indoor pool, and one that I think we'd shoot around the corner from our house at the Fairfax High School field.

The phrases in my notebook go something like this: "choreographed excellence." "kind of innocence, naive energy to everything." "Laugh with excitement -- that's kind of the key." "More dawn and ecstatic."

The idea is to choreograph a complicated action that is exciting and funny, silly and breathtaking, that all happens in one take. The ideas I've been coming up with (which I'll elaborate on in the next post) are big on quantity: we'll fill our frame with people. We'd shoot on expired film stock, so there's an element of visual unpredictability. Then, over that, double expose ribbons of color on the film that periodically come and go, cued by entering drums (red and blue) or layers of guitar (yellow).

Here are two thumbnails.

This one would send the cameraman off the high dive into the water directly after a line of jumpers. Swimmers waiting underwater (all in coordinated colors) would swim and move out of the way. Then more things happen that I haven't quite figured out yet, as you can see.

Here's what I plan to do with the time line. Basically note every second and start overlaying our colors and specific actions.


Shawn said...

That sounds really really good. Classy. The song's 13 months old at this point, though, and if you're going to be hard working brothers who want some recompense I'd choose something newer. Maybe contact Ponytail, pitch them, and see if they have new songs? 'Cause I want to see you rewarded beyond the satisfaction of, you know, completing a project.

Wish I could talk you guys into switching over to Jay Reatard, whose music shares many adjectives with Ponytail, save for 'animalistic,' which is a great adjective, and who has an album dropping August 18.

All I'm saying is that he's doing that record store tour too, and he's stopping at Amoeba Hollywood along the way, which you should go to, but you could also plan your Portland trip around his August 25 show at Jackpot Records. Jackpot Records is this tiny fishbowl record store down the block from me, the show is free, you're visiting anyway, and the store is small enough that you'll be able to walk up to the man and hand him the tape. That's all I'm saying. You can hand it to him.

Though when Ryan and I saw Ponytail, Molly was fannypack hip-swinging in the back of the crowd during the opener. So she doesn't seem unapproachable herself.

Shawn said...

I just investigated and his first single already has a music video. But his second single was just released and doesn't. And it's a great song.