Friday, June 5, 2009

Play Time

Had the pleasure of seeing Tati's "Play Time" last night at UCLA's Melnitz theater. It is the third time I've seen the film, in three different theaters. More than any other film that I have ever seen, "Play Time" differs greatly at each venue , and in each different section I sit in. From the front of the theater, last night was not the funniest that I have seen the film, but definitely the most beautiful. I still have yet to see the movie on DVD, but I'll pick it up shortly and write about some of my favorite parts.

For now, you can read a new post on Film Art Blog about Tati's art design.

Here's a nice preparatory sketch of a funny gag. The waiter pours wine for a bunch of tourists that all wear flower hats. It looks like he is watering their heads.

This would eventually become this:

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