Friday, June 12, 2009

Enjoy this photo

I have been working on a TV show in Bell, California lately, and the highlight of the shoot has definitely been Pat's surprise birthday flan. We frequent a restaurant on Florence Avenue called La Barca, and they thanked us by giving Pat a birthday extravaganza. Except it wasn't Pat's birthday.

The waitress comes over and says, "I hear it's someone's birthday today."
Pat: No ... I don't think so.
Waitress: I hear it's your birthday today.

So, 4 waitresses came out and sang him a song with tambourines in hand. Enjoy the photo.


Ryan said...


Oh man this photo made my day!

Pammy said...


Having spent 30 years in the Bell HP area, I can tell you that La Barca is NOT one of the better restaurants there. Next time you're over there, give me a call and I'll direct you to a REAL Mexican restaurant.

Pammy said...

Its Daddy not Pammy

Pammy said...
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