Thursday, April 2, 2009


The solution to Stephanie and I's Devotchka/King Khan conflict at Sasquatch is this:

Saturday 05.30.09: KING KHAN AND THE SHRINES @ echo
7pm / $13 / All Ages

I want to see you you you you you there.

When I went to the Echo page they had 30 Century Man on the main page, and my brain registered music venue as music performance, and my brain went "Shawn do you see that Scott Walker music performance?" and my mouth went "GASP" and my stomach went "UGGH" but my brain was also like "film title" and word "screening" but my heart was going "SHUT UP AND BELIEVE" and my forehead was sweaty and outside a leaf blower cleaned our sidewalks.

Needless to say, I was inches from a cardiac arrest.

You guys are seeing Will Oldham tonight. Wish I could be there. If he asks for requests, ask for Lift Us Up. You won't have to tell me he played it. I'll know.

Other things:

At the Troub April 22:
Dan Deacon (+13 piece Ensemble). If it doesn't sell out I might compulsively show up. It'll probably sell out. Did Bonnie sell out? Oh yes it did I see.

Hey The Black Lips are playing the El Rey May 2. If you go I'll go.

I know Jay Reatard is coming to the Echo June 12. If you go I'll go (x2).

I watch this video while burning myself with a heated knife (carving your face into the skin under my sleeve):


Shawn said...

One p.s. If he plays So Everyone, imagine I'm singing the girl's part, and imagine it's a song about me and you.

joe said...

Hahaha! Alright will do. Also -- looks as is Sasquatch is a sudden possibility. more soon. Let's hang out, you know, in person.