Saturday, April 11, 2009

I have never been to a rock show before last night ...

... and I've been to a lot of shows.

11:15PM. Monotonix hit the stage. Then promtly drag the drum kit into the middle of the pit and start playing. We join them.

11:16PM. I get hit in the head with a trashcan. It will be 2 hours until I realize I am bleeding, and a day until I find this photo:

How god damned funny is that photo. I'm not in it, because my head is being crushed by that trashcan.

11:20PM. The pit encircles the band. Pandemonium ensues.

11:30PM. Monotonix launch into "Body Language," shortly before the lead singer starts picking his butt with someone's red high heel. Approximated here:

The rest of the evening is encapsulated nicely in these two photos:

Easily the craziest show I've ever been to. All photos courtesy anewidentitiy's flickr.
You can play Where's Waldo on the photostream with Shawn, Stephanie, various Cinefile employees, and I if you follow the link.

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