Sunday, March 15, 2009

A couple more Watchmen notes.

The check out clerk at Trader Joe's had my favorite comment about the movie. I knew not how he recognized me as a comic nerd, other than the fact that we are bound by the cosmos.

Clerk: You see Watchmen yet?
Joe: Yeah, I did.
Clerk: What'd you think?
Joe: Well, I kind of grew up with the book, so...
Clerk: Got it. Doesn't hold up.
Joe: Right.
Clerk: I thought I was going to get Peter Jackson's Watchmen...but I got Zack Snyder's Watchmen.

Also, Eddie Campbell has a funny post about Dr. Manhattan's circumcision, and also an argument for camp over realism, which you rarely hear.

I believe that trying to make superheroes, which are but graphic symbols, stylised and colour-coded, look real on film, is as absurd as the person dressed up as Mickey Mouse at Disneyland. High camp is the only way to do it, like the old Batman tv show, which I loved as a kid.

And lastly, a long interview with Alan Moore that has some interesting bits in it. Here he speaks about the comic books in the 80's that were considered "grown up," and which have now become semi-iconic.

Comics had not grown up ... What had happened was that you'd gotten two or three comics that had gotten, perhaps for the first time, serious adult elements in their compositions. This was judged as miraculous as a dog riding a bicycle back in the 1980s. It doesn't matter whether he's riding it particularly well; it matters that he's riding it at all.

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