Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I could never appreciate this.

Sometimes my tastes go so honky that other white people in my proximity are actually turned whiter, and other skin colors are intensified/diminished depending on their disposition and inclination, but even from a colorless perspective I couldn't quite understand The Avett Brothers.

It'd be rude of me to justify why I couldn't like this band, and unfair to people who do like this band, and it would also require me to make observations about atavistic and primal urges that flow within all of us, and I will say that as the ape used tool so did the Avett Brothers use guitar, but my point is more like 'wtf.'

This band was brought to my attention (and announced to me in this way, "The Avetts will rock your face off. Good lord, they are awesome. I guess you could call them bluegrass. They rock pretty hard at times, but have some sweet slow songs too.") because they are one of a few bands confirmed for this year's Sasquatch.


Shawn said...

This rumor has been confirmed: it's actually less tolerable the more you watch it.

Shawn said...

I just tried watching it again (I was a casual fan of Fox's Craziest Car Chases, it's true), and one thing that occurred to me, having watched the video ten or so times now, in amazement, is that there are little grains of nightmare embedded in their vocals, and an Avett brothers listening experience, even one song, must be akin to years and years of living with a hateful wife who you cannot tune out, and so turn to murderous ruminations, and begin to hit the bottle, until you are an alcoholic, and one day you fall out of a building and that's your death.

In that way, the Avett Brothers are like a drinking band.

joe said...

haha! that, sir, is a funny post and comment.