Friday, February 20, 2009


Stephanie gave me an iPod Classic for my birthday. I want to fill it with music but I can't because it's so big. I've been trying though, for the past couple of days. And so I do some of the typical things, I suppose, like I browse around music blogs and learn about new artists or whatever. Like a lot of people who value their time I don't listen to just any band, except here and there, when the mood hits me, but mainly I follow certain indie labels or work off of word of mouth, etc, how it goes.

And so there I am on this certain music blog, and this certain blog is really plugged into the times, you know, like they have all kinds of bands with all sorts of weird names and there are pictures of the bands and they're all wearing clothes that I don't understand. At exactly the moment when I'm starting to feel a bit like grandpa, one band's name pops out at me. This is their album cover, which reveals their name:

Right? Am I right? I obviously downloaded that mother fucker, and I obviously will refer to the band, because that band - okay goddamnit that band chose just the fucking best band name, from a movie lover's point of view. Right? Am I right?

I am listening to them now. They're not so good. I recommend you download it anyway. Right?

I've found only a few blogs housing bands formed pre-2007, I mean my impression is that most of these blogs think Classic Rock means pre-2007. There are gems to be found, though, the Rare Music blogs and whatnot that'll have bands like Milton Banana Trio or Richie Havens, etc, and those I get really excited about and like have a sensations overload, but that's not what most blogs are like.

Most of what I've found I haven't had the chance to listen to yet. Wait a second.

Wait a second. #4 on David Cronenberg's Wife's album is really good. Great news. I am, by the way, listening to David Cronenberg's Wife while writing this. It's such a pleasure to be able to write that. #5 isn't bad either. Maybe I was too hard on David Cronenberg's Wife.

And that's a perfect segue into what I was just about to say, which is that there hasn't been enough time for me to explore all of what I've discovered. But I've been listening to music non-stop the past three days (it was an early gift out of necessity, aka the Sasquatch announcement), and this is when I tell you some of my favorites.

Oh, certainly Devotchka's A Mad and Faithful Telling. There's an element of showmanship in these gypsy tinged bands, but they've all taken it in different directions. Like for example I think Beirut seems more about the cultural angle (though recording with a Mexican funeral band is about as bad ass as naming your band David Cronenberg's Wife, I'd say), and Gogol Bordello emphasizes the fun side, and Devotchka nails the feeling and the passion and I think the wonder. Sometimes I feel like all my music comes at me with the same message, but this band doesn't. It's beautiful, for one, and most bands sing about beauty without having beautiful music.

An accident led me to Charles Manson's One Mind. Rather than talk about this cd I'll just transcribe the opening to song two, Angels Fear to Tread, which reveals the joy of this album:
"This is a song about, something, that I'm not even thinking about. It's a song I'm not even thinking about, until, I put it into this dream, here."
Gloriously bizarre rants appear throughout. It's a really easy album to keep in the background while writing a cannibal love story.

I didn't even know Vashti Bunyan and Animal Collective had collaborated. A blog told me. Very thankful for that. Stunningly great.

It's not entirely fair to compare the man to Jens Lekman, but then, the comparison isn't entirely inaccurate. I think it's the vocal presentation and the nimble song structures. This is a real pleasure.

There's some fucking great rock music these days. I'm not kidding. Black Lips, King Khan, Titus Andronicus, Demon's Claws, and also this band Black Time. I feel like the latter two do the most exploring, musically, and I feel like Black Time is most successful. This is the kind of music I like to dream I could make. Stephanie makes fun of me when I tell her that.

Did you ever listen to Luke Temple? I liked his name so much I made it my name for my e-mail account. Luke is in a band now, and that band is this band. Rather than use adjectives, here is their video, which you can enjoy while I enjoy David Cronenberg's Wife.

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joe said...

I love here we go magic. I'm listening to it for the third time in a row.