Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wrapping Up 2008

Useful for discussion among friends and others, possessing a subjective value, and ultimately important only in a context of archiving, my favorite films of 2008


The Band's Visit
The Edge of Heaven
You, the Living
Mad Detective
Let the Right One In
Rachel Getting Married
Water Lilies

With a handful of great movies left off so that the list is precise enough to represent my greatest enjoyments from the previous year. You, the Living was a festival screening that I have no information on a US distribution for; I also saw Sugar in a festival, which will definitely be released this year and is definitely a great movie. Probably one or two of these will emerge as long-standing favorites, probably one from the middle, as is the precedent.

The Mario Bava retrospective at the Egyptian was far and away the best time I had at the revival theaters this year. I missed only one night. If they did it every year, like is done for Hitchcock, I would go. Their Italian genre series was 2nd best. New Bev's film professional programming, Silent Movie Theater's horror month (with the awesome Tingler/party final night), Escape double-bill at the Aero, Gould w/Touch screening at the Billy Wilder, Ms. 45 at the New Bev, the fetish series at the Egyptian, and Nuart midnight screenings also spring to mind.


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joe said...

my fave was wii golf.