Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Peter Blogdanovich

We could start a blog and have it follow Peter's happenings. Or, at least, our imaginings of what he does without us.

Saturday: 12-1pm. Sit. 2-4pm. Watch Citizen Kane. 4-5pm. Sit.

Anyways, this coming Saturday, January 10 at the Hammer Museum, Peter is doing his one man show.

"Director Peter Bogdanovich is a walking encyclopedia of American movie-making, a man whose own films have been informed by his work and friendships with the great directors and stars Alfred Hitchcock, Cary Grant, John Ford, Otto Preminger, Orson Welles, John Wayne, Howard Hawks, and others. In his inimitable fashion, Bogdanovich delivers a fascinating first-person account of the legends he has encountered throughout his career in Hollywood. "

One of us will probably be driving him. You should come. Get there at 7pm ish.

Also, the New Beverly is having Peter guest program this month.

January 21-24 is Last Picture Show / What's Up Doc and Paper Moon / Mask double features.
Then he's programming the movies:
January 25 - 31 is North by Northwest / To Have and Have Not, Touch of Evil / Rio Bravo, and High Sierra / Gaslight.

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