Sunday, December 28, 2008

If you haven't, and can, please do

Got this email a couple of days ago; I gave $20:


This American Life Store: conf_signature_image


Ira Glass here. I hope you'll forgive this mass email. I'm writing to you because you've donated money to This American Life in the past, and I'm hoping that you might do it again today. As I've been mentioning on our podcasts, our home station, Chicago Public Radio, like all non-profits, is struggling in the current economy. It faces a $1.5 million dollar deficit. A dozen of our colleagues were laid off.

Which brings me to our podcast. It costs Chicago Public Radio over $150,000 each year just for the Internet bandwidth to get you our free podcast and free streaming of our show. They don't need to make a profit on the podcast but they can't afford to have it cost them money. It would be horrible if they had to lay off more of our friends and co-workers so we could have a free podcast. So I'm turning to you again to ask for your help in covering that cost. Whatever you can afford, $1, $5, or if you're still doing well in this economy, $20 or $100. Here's the link to do that.

Or - even better - if you know someone who listens all the time to our show but who - unlike you - has never donated, get them to pitch in for the first time. I know it's kind of lousy that I'm coming to you for a second donation when most people who hear our show never give anything at all. Let's fix that! Forward this email to them. If we can get more people to donate, we won't need to turn to you as often.




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