Tuesday, December 9, 2008

George O'Brien

NY Times has an article up on an F.W. Murnau boxset that features the acting chops of Mr. George O'Brien. I happen to be currently employed transcribing a very long interview of his. He's the guy on the right.


alexa757 said...

How interesting! When you finish transcribing the interview are you going to publish it somewhere? What year is the interview from? I'm glad that there seems to be more interest in George O'Brien, who was a major silent star and who lived long enough to be interviewed (not for him destruction by drugs or alcohol!) And from all I've heard of him a long interview would need to be the norm - he described himself as "a man of a few thosand words"!

alexa757 said...

..err make that a few thousand words!

clint said...

I have heard bits from a long interview George gave in 1960 in his brother's San Francisco law office. Is this the same interview?