Wednesday, October 1, 2008


First, the good news: I watched The Rachael Maddow Show last night on MSNBC for an entire half hour and didn't get entirely angry! Amazing! This lady is good. She had a bunch of Republicans on and Kucinich, and I think they convinced me that not passing the bailout was a good idea. Who'da thunk, eh?And actually I think that Kucinich had some pretty good ideas on the revisions. Too bad his face looks like a potato; he coulda been a contenda.

Secondly: I think you are dense if you have any faith in Palin being able to lead the country. This woman can't answer a single damn question, and when she does she totally botches it. The three ideas floating around right now in regards to Thursday's debate are:

1. She's bluffing. Suddenly she's not a disgrace to smart people or a hollow ploy to get women to vote for her, even though she stands for anything but gender rights.
2. Biden's going to come out and trounce her. This is what will probably happen.
3. She's going to back out of the race due to "personal reasons."

Here's my prediction:

Thursday comes, she's not bluffing. Biden doesn't do as well as he should, but he still shuts her down. She proves, very clearly, she has no idea what's going on. McCain goes into October with a big loss, between this and the Republicans voting "against leadership" on the bailout. Say, 10 days from now, Palin drops out. She's got a family to raise, remember. Maybe while she's doing that she can read up on other Supreme Court cases besides the one she's going to try to overturn.

So, she drops out by second week in October. McCain, I think, will pick up Huckabee in an effort to sweep the evangelical vote. The pick will be a dude, of course, since they figured out after the fact that Palin A. isn't picking up as many swing votes and B. is actually deterring them at this point. Huckabee, unfortunately, doesn't believe in evolution (read: stares straight in the face of science and says...naaaahhh), but I am much, much more okay with that than I am with Palin. She's a ridiculous backfire that needs to be nowhere near the oval office. I would say this regardless of her party. She's appalling.

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