Wednesday, October 15, 2008

News on the March

Stephanie has not threatened threatened, but let's say there was maliciousness in her eyes, and I think some definite innuendos of physical harm, in regards to what might happen if we don't see you guys soon. She hopes that all of you can make it to The Tingler on Halloween, at the Silent Movie Theater, which is where we'll be, but maybe if not something else, and soon.

I feel the same way. Not about bringing physical harm to myself, but about seeing you guys.

Updated with savvy grammatical corrections and this:


Ryan said...

shut up.

Ryan said...

ok when? i miss you too

joe said...

Life is easier with you around, Shawn. Come back...FAT HEAD! HAH! ...zinged him.


Shawn said...

Sometimes I feel like socializing is a thing I've placed in a now swelling reserve ominously labeled After I Make It Big. It shouldn't be like that probably. You guys do it too so you know what I mean.

But a recent visit to IMDb Showtimes revealed our obvious next encounter, aka call me when you want to see Max Payne, all of us together obviously. OMG Max Payne is out let's go.

And I'm not going to reveal what it is but you guys should be really really looking forward to this Christmas gift Stephanie got you. Wait till you see it.