Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Angry Radar

Also known as; I Want To Headbutt Mitt Romney

6:10 -- Joe sits down to edit SMBW, also has the RNC on.
6:11 -- Joe gets distracted by Mitt Romney, my favorite L. Ron Hubbard loving Mormon.
6:11 -- He's like a Biden doppelgangar, even in the call-return structure of his speech. I think he just argued against constitutional rights for prisoners, then called constitutional rights 'liberal'
6:13 -- Everything he's saying is essentially bi-partisan; then he wants more oil off-shore and wants Al Gore's plane on the ground. Sigh. I bet Gore neutralizes his carbon footprint. 
6:15 -- CNN just cut away to Scarborough having a photo-op with a kid. Nice.
6:17 -- "I firmly believe by the providence of the almighty .. etcetc"

Romney's a silly guy. It is an interesting position the GOP are in, though -- they have to somehow tug party lines while distancing themselves from Washington, which they effectively control. Senate is even right now (49 D, 49 R, 2 Independent), the House is Dem (233 D to 202 R), and Bush of course has Super-Veto power so...

CNN has had some really funny things happen lately. Right now they are doing their best to defend themselves from McCain's attacks on them.

6:27 -- Huuuuckaaabeeee! Hah! Oh man! He just called out the media AND thanked them for uniting America. Nice one sir.
6:29 -- "The Presidency is not a symbolic job." ... and now he's doing a weird Change thing. They seem to be trying to spirit away Mr. Gobama's chatter.
6:30 -- I like Huckabee. He's a silly guy in a good way, not in the Romney way.
6:31 -- Huckabee is anti-liberty-grabbing, and pro-Abe Lincoln. I...just don't understand how people can honk small government but still expect this tiny tiny government to regulate women's bodies...
6:33 -- Yikes. "Change!" now means "Changing" what marriage means (ie fuck off gay people everywhere) and "Changing" Roe v. Wade.
6:35 -- "I'm so tired of hearing how unexperienced Sarah Palin is ... etcetc" Yah it must be tough weathering all of those questions since last Friday. It must be...brutal torture. 
6:36 -- John McCain can't lift his arms to his shoulder. I actually didn't know this, but have always thought he moves funny. He's a strong, capable leader, but cannot escape the impossible threat of The Bear Hug.

Alright I have to mute the TV now to get any work done. I probably can't even listen to Giuliani. Sound'll be back on to Palin. Maybe, just maybe, she'll convince me that the world is 6000 years old, rape victims shouldn't have the choice of abortion, and that she's not a hollow attempt to pull votes that Team McCain probably won't get anyway. 

UPDATE: Drill Baby Drill!!!
And I still know very, very little about Sarah Palin.


Grant! said...

Thought you would get a kick out of this.

joe said...

I bet she owns Bootzers