Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Great Unknown

The Great Unknown:
The story of a boy who doesn't know where he is going, and an old man who could never have known where he'd end up. Zach is a nine year old world champion mule packer. He is competing with kids twice his age, and winning easily. His father has passed onto him a century-old family tradition, but due to economic and environmental restraints, packing may not exist in ten years. Zach has a world class talent, but may not have anywhere to go with it.

Tucker is a seventy three year old cowboy. Three years ago he decided to take up English jumping -- with mules, not horses. He showed up to competition in what he lovingly calls his "Tom Jones outfit," and now he's beating world champions. Tucker has discovered a world class talent late in life on a whim.

What does a child do when he knows he may not be able to pursue his love? Is it ever too late in the game to change? The microcosm of Mule Days, a memorial day celebration in Bishop, California, provides a strange environment where these lives mix. Other characters include a rodeo clown in his final rodeo of a fifty year career, and a rodeo announcer who is away on tour more weeks out of the year than he is at home.

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