Friday, June 20, 2008

Via the Beach House

Having a nice few days down in San Diego with Rob, Jacque, Jeff, Brooke, and some other peeps that are floating in and out. I was going to just stay through the day, but I'll probably remain tomorrow as well, for no other reason than I have nothing to do. This is a good feeling. I definitely needed a week break from all the ridiculousness.

I read three books this week.

First is Steve Martin's The Pleasure of my Company

While it wasn't as beautifully emotional as Shopgirl, I did really enjoy it. There were more laugh out loud parts than his previous novel, and some really touching little moments where I'm reading and I have to put the book down for a moment and gather myself around this new truth that's been given to me.

Second is Adrian Tomine's Shortcomings

Tomine does some really interesting things here, and along with Summer Blonde this is his strongest work. I really enjoyed it, and I'll be posting a longer, nerdier talk about the cool film/comic stuff he uses, along with some character analysis sometime next week. Very impressive, highly recommended.

Third was the new Mome Anthology
I just read it this morning actually. I'm still two behind and I picked it up when I spent a couple much-needed much-delayed hours at Kenny's. It was good as well.

Apparently Ben Folds is working on some new material. And Get Smart comes out today.

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