Friday, June 13, 2008

This time last year.

Tess's blog is a very entertaining read. I need to get a small digital camera and start taking more snap shots. The phone only goes so far.
This time last year I was elated and now I'm just burnt out. I'm done, turned in my papers. It seems less sunny and less new, but more fun in some ways. I said bye to Carrie today and I may go over to Gore Vidal's house in a bit. My computer is slowly falling apart. Nina and I are in a perpetual phone tag, and I am looking forward to sitting in JC Bean and reading and being near the beach for a couple days.

And what else...

We filmed a little thing for Adam's group and it turned out very funny. We need to edit it together in the next day or so. I'll try to upload it when we're done -- I laughed till I cried at the guy in the wheelchair.

Also, I have a copy on DV tape of my first animated movie sitting in my car. I'll have it on DVD soon I hope.

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