Monday, June 16, 2008

Old Photes

It's strange it is nearing a year since all this went on. I remember going to Paris again, just for a day after everything was done, and it was such a relief. The first time in a number of weeks that I had absolutely no ties to anyone, I could do whatever I liked without being a host or a guest. It was a huge weight gone and extremely liberating. I walked around the streets elated without a camera. I only took my notebook and pen.
Before that moment, the past six weeks had been a constant interaction with different people, and it got to be so taxing. It seems crazy to think about, but there was only a period of about 4 minutes in the whole six weeks of Europe that I was on my own before that dusk in Paris. I walked from the hotel apartments to the coffee shop to meet some people in London, and as I crossed the street I was struck with this feeling -- holy shit I'm alone. Finally.

The other side of that was returning to London for a day before my flight back home. I was in the same place as before, the same streets, with the exception of being alone and without the horde of students that I had come to know so well over the month or so. It was really sad to be in the same area without all of the activity. I felt empty and missed everyone. I stuffed myself into a movie theater and watched The Walker to fend off my sadness. In the morning Ze, our pal at the wine bar, made me breakfast and sent me on my way.

The weeks of travel after the Shakespeare program were punctuated with huge days of train rides and sweat. My trusty hat caused me to have two brushes with heat stroke.

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