Thursday, June 5, 2008

Obama Takes It

A collective sigh of relief is heard from young hip people everywhere. Good first step. Now to reiterate the words of Mr. Stephen T. Colbert: Don't Fuck This Up America.

"I would love to teach American history in an inner city American school tomorrow morning."
Asef Manvi's pretty damn funny.

Sigur Ros show on Sunday got postponed til September! But the Smell show is still on, 11am-3pm. This means leave around...10.

Animation is almost complete. Today is a lot of the logistically annoying things that I have to take care of. Then tomorrow I shoot it at 10. Screening is next Wednesday at Melnitz 11am for anyone who would like to attend.

Also, how cool is this

The directors of “Take Out,” a feature film about a Chinese deliveryman who must pay off his debt to immigrant-smugglers, do not claim that their movie is based on a true story. But it has more than a passing resemblance to a documentary, so much so that after a screening, one of the audience members asked where the man was now, and whether he was doing all right.

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