Sunday, June 22, 2008

In Russia...

I'm clearing out my mom's computer in order to recommence editing Strong Men & Beautiful Women on it. For this reason, I am coming across many old photos that I have never really gotten around to sharing with anyone. Fortunately for you, though....!

In Russia I became obsessed with two things. First, the architecture. Second, Grant making the same obnoxious face wherever we went. The sheer volume of the latter is ... ridiculous. They are included but not limited to: the mansion where Rasputin was (almost) killed, the Vodka museum, our night of absinthe, the old CCCP headquarters, and Elena.


stacy said...

That face will haunt me...but in a good creepy way.

You Know Who This Is said...

Hey Joe,
First neat website. Second, thanks for not posting my absynthe experience. Third, you owe me mare pics than this.
You Know Who This Is.