Monday, May 5, 2008

Story idea #3: "I love you, can you hear me? or Mission Control: a love story

A twenty-something girl in middle america is having a hard time adjusting to life after college. Finding herself back home with her folks after an adventure of a life time, she feels that she threw way her one chance to escape. Somewhere near the horse-head nebula, a test piolt for a secret organization bent on deep-space exploration has hijacked his craft, and aims to fulfill his own goals instead of the goals of the company, which he finds too wrapped up in paper work and geology to ever accomplish anything meaningful. His electronics are shot, navigation is manual, and is all alone if he is lucky. One day while trying to electricute herself by being struck by lighting, the girl back on earth picks up a communication from the lone astronaught. Both equally astonished by the other's existance and their ability to communicate, they become bonding in friendship out of the only thing that binds them together- desperation. Growing concerns among the girls friends about her mental health begin to circulate- she does not have the CV radio in her car to actually communicate with the astronaught- and eventually reach her parents and other community members. The lone piolit also begins to wonder if he is going crazy out of cabin fever- he thought he had lost his communication ability, nor did he think the technology utilized could be picked up on a meager CV radio powered by a car battery hundreds of light years away. The very real communication between the two begins to take an ever increasing toll on the charaters- they are grateful for the communication, the company, and the friendship which slowly grows deeper, however the impossibiliy of the situation makes both question their own actions and thoughts, driving eachother farther into the desperation both of the where seeking to mend.

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joe said...

write it. i like it.