Sunday, May 4, 2008

I Punched Matt Besser in the Neck.

My house is a claustrophobic shithole, so I am countering this by sitting here in the "dining room" (half of a table cleared off) and typing out a lengthy update. I hope it is funny.

Saturday night Carrie and I saw The Swarm at UCB LA, and tonight we did the same and saw ASSSCAT. Both were awesomely hilarious. At the beginning of the show tonight, they asked various outrageous questions: who here has a head wound? tell us about your head wound. who here is a black belt in some kind of martial arts? come up on stage and give us a demonstration.

So I did, along with a number of other people. Matt Besser, my favorite UCBer, came at me with a chair so I faux-jump-kicked him and punched him in the neck. He whined about it for a while, and I was taken by the incredible frequency of surreal events that have been happening to me lately. I work for Peter Bogdanovich. I punched Matt Besser in the neck in front of a crowd of 200 people.

Also strange side note: Nicole was up on stage with me, as it ends up. She's one of our actresses from Strong Men, and she's a black belt in Bodokan. She said hi after I did my gig. Continually weird.

I do like that I'm able to put myself pretty consistently into these kind of bizarre situations, often with the aid of peeps like Carrie, who facilitate these nicely.

The weekend has actually been a pretty cool one. I sat around and didn't do much yesterday (thank God). Friday and today I worked the Polish Film Festival at the UCLA theater. It was mostly a $100 nap time, but one movie called "Solo" was pretty good.

Lots and lots of new music lately:

I first saw Why? open up for Mum, then the main dude signed Ryan's nipple when we saw the cinco de mayo Islands show a year ago (or 2? I can't remember). Alopecia is good, and really, really angry. Lately I too have been really, really angry and pissed off. At everything. The band sums this up nicely. If the lyrics are nearly as autobiographic as they sound, then his life is much more fucked up than mine and I have little to worry about. You can listen to them here.

REM's new one ends up just being okay. This is a step up from Reveal, which was not even okay. UP, prior to that, took many years to grow on me, and New Adventures in Hi Fi is my favorite of their records. It is nice to hear them getting back on track, and the songs are pretty good, even if sometimes they get silly and unfocused. I'm sure they will be awesome live. The whole naming the album Accelerate bothers me, though. They want more focus, faster songs, so they name the album the point of the album: Accelerate. Its a bit one-sided; naming things thematically is not a good idea. It's like naming Kid A "new direction" or Monster "anger."

I love these guys. They are so damn good. The first song is great, and there's a lot of romp on the album, which I like. I am also a big Danger Mouse fan, who got on board to produce it. In general, though, the album is pretty boring so far. Nothing save for the first song has reeeallly grown on me. Again, I'm sure it'll be great live and I'm sure I'll get more out of the album as I go. Slow burner so far.

Oh my god. The new M83 is euphorically good. Really, really amazing stuff. Easily M83's best yet, wonderful arrangements, really deeply thematic. He tried with the last album to make something that was cinematic, but this one actually moves like life. I can't explain it. Just listen.

What I thought was going to be a summer happy fun fun album ends up being something slightly built up in my head around obsessively listening to "Smile Around The Face." I can't quite say where the album stands right now, other than it's not what I thought it was going to be. So I have to wrap my head around that for a while.

Awesome. Good job Mr. Lidell. Less electronic, more sincere than the last album (not that the two are mutually exclusive by any means). Cool, good time, soul album. Loving it.

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Grant! said...

I know how you feel man. But hey, its better to have every day be an adventure than the alternative. Though it is exausting...