Sunday, April 6, 2008

Alperman Treatment

I'm going to go register the second draft of the script at the WGA tomorrow. Pretty cool. Here's the treatment. What do you think?


At the base of the Sierra Mountains there is a small, fishing-centric town that holds an annual wrestling contest called “Alperman Grapplefest.” The winner’s prize is the key to the city, which is also a stringer of golden fish. Or, apparently, a stringer of wooden fish painted very nicely. The tournament is held each year with unfading pep at the Fairground Rodeo Arena. Peripheral activities include: the amateur Alperman theme song competition, the releasing of the Alpermen, and the bestowing of the golden fish.

From the very break of dawn the town’s inhabitants meet the Grapplefest with great fervor. Each local Alperman trains vigorously. ‘Clarvoyant’ Jones is so fast he seems to read his opponent’s mind. ‘Surly’ Bill Blimdon is a manic depressive, but if he fights on a good day, watch out.

This year, though, two shadows have fallen across this venerable tradition. The first shadow is plump and slovenly: the reigning champion three years running, the young man embraced by all as a town hero, has let himself go. What was once a regime of grapple tactics and exercise has now become a drunken stroll to the refrigerator and nothing more. Has The Champ, played by Adam Carr, any chance of regaining his former glory? The second shadow is a tall and handsome one: an international Alperman has joined the tournament, much to the dismay of the insulated town. The Pole, played by Martin Reschke, is at the peak of his physical prowess and is a direct threat to the town’s golden fish.

As The Pole’s day of preparation progresses, he encounters a number of other Alpermen and townspeople. The Wildcard, played by Jordan Bryant, is a mysterious local with a secret grappling maneuver known only as ‘The Parakeet in the Coalmine.’ This mystery-move could be the downfall of many Alpermen. ‘Jolly’ Frank Breadshop, played by Rogerio Da Silva, is the only amiable local The Pole meets, even though they end up as opponents.

At dusk, the competition begins. A number of Alpermen are released into the Rodeo Arena via cattle launcher, and wrestle en masse. After the first round, only the final four remain: The Pole, The Champ, ‘Jolly’ Breadshop and The Wildcard. Breadshop and The Pole wrestle heartily, and The Pole is the victor. The Wildcard devastates The Champ. The audience is up in arms. The Champ’s worried mother is fraught with guilt and depression, and the entire town is antagonized by the small section of Polish supporters. The Wildcard defeats The Pole with his patented mystery-move, and then refuses the golden fish. The Pole reluctantly accepts the trophy, and all hell breaks loose in the audience. The Champ’s mother cries wildly, the Polish supporters clash with the townspeople, and the day of the Grapplefest ends with the entire town, frantic and confused, wrestling one another.

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