Thursday, March 6, 2008


Found a nice place on campus to sit and read, etc, and instead of reading I'm blogging and catching up on This American Life.

Finals time is weird this quarter, since I have three papers, all due on or around the 18th. So...I have deadlines. Other than that, I can start going to movies again, have some time to do other things maybe.

The guy teaching the animation lab directed the 2007 episode of Treehouse of Horrors, along with some other episodes of The Simpsons. While I'm sure the 2007 episode wasn't very good, and is in fact ten years off from being very good, being taught by someone who has actually done something of major note creatively is a really cool possibility. That'll be a first.

I need to track down the Snow Angels producer through the UCLA TFT people as well...I think our little group is at the point where we can start going out and working on other people's legitimate projects.

Tomorrow: Ryan and I get up at 330, we trek out to Bishop, write on the way, eat breakfast at Jack's, talk to people, scout, and then drive right back at night, write on road. Should be a blast.

I also need a haircut.

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