Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Plenty to talk about

Classes for next quarter are lining up. I'm trying to get into an animation workshop / lab that leads me all the way through the production of a short animated feature. I'd like to do a photo and claymation music video for No Age's Semi-Sorted. This would be very cool, since it is almost a positive that some time in the next month we are going to shoot a music video for Ima Gymnast at The Smell.

The only class confirmed for next quarter is the most exciting one: The Smut Seminar. Title explains it all. I was initially drawn to the class since it is practically inherent in my being able to write The Submission of Stanley Bigot, which has been swimming around in my brain for however many years. I'll use the research project/paper as a point of exploration for that story. I'm sure it'll be great.

Currently watching Kiss Me Deadly for the second time around in two days. The movie is brutal and a huge influence on just about everything from the New Wave to Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Lynch in a big way, and once you figure out what it is that Tarantino directly references in Pulp Fiction, you realize how completely without balls the reference actually is.

After ten full weeks of non-stop film noir, Aldrich has managed to give me the creeps. The sheer range of violence is stunning: implied rape, whoring, shooting, stabbing, bashing head against the wall, man thrown down the longest stair case I've ever seen, car off a cliff, crushing, exploding, torturing, burning, dieing, and...of course....so much more gruesome things.

The movie starts in motion, which I love, and the credit sequence is uber creepy. The titles come on backwards while a woman wearing only a trench coat weeps in the car. The ending was so creepy that I think I'm going to write my final paper on sound design and silent sequences in this and Out of the Past, which stars my favorite Robert Mitchum.

Speaking of Out of the Past, I stumbled across this noir podcast website during my research. I highly recommend Episode 11, which compares The Big Sleep and The Big Lebowski. I do love the Coens. It makes me want to rewatch just about everything of theirs, particularly Blood Simple and Hudsucker, which I don't watch enough.

Jewel came up a while back and we saw Liars and No Age and Ima Gymnast play at El Rey. It was one of the best shows I've ever seen. All very exciting and inspiring. One of the cooler moments of the night was during the long in between build up of Everybody's Down, culminating in everyone in the room jumping in unison and proceeding to freak out.

Angus, the lead guy from the Liars, is an amalgam David Johansen, David Byrne, and a scarecrow. It was so strange...the music combines to this area where I'm headbanging, mosh pitting, club dancing, jumping, swaying, and a number of other things all at once. It was a combination I've never been anywhere near before. All with an overtone of Evil. In a good way.

Here's only a small taste.

Carrie and I are going to San Francisco for a few days around the 20th. Ryan and I are probably zipping up to Bishop this Friday. Santa Barbara for a wedding on the 15th, and maybe SLO for a half day on Sunday. Lots of places to go. And three papers to write.

One about Poe and Dupin.
One about 2001, Pynchon, and time.
One about sound design, silent sequences, and violence.

A list of films to write, produce, and finish off the top of my head:
1. Strong Men
2. Be Handsome
3. Alperman
4. Apple Foods
5. Stanley Bigot
6. The Push Man
7. Benshii
8. Untitled bluegrass thing

And, Ryan and I really need to start taking photos together and get going on our project we came up with last year.

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