Sunday, March 23, 2008


The weekend has been a nice one. I'm up in Burlingame, which is just south of San Francisco, hanging out with Carrie and meeting her family. Her dad makes me think of my dad in some peripheral ways, except less the butt end of dirty jokes thrown by the whole family. He looks just like some actor, but I can't put my finger on it.

Carrie's a really cool girl. I think she's more than she quite understands she is. She's incredibly talented and beautiful and holds herself like someone who knows something you don't, and that something is really, really snarky.

Thus far;
We went to an antique barn in Half Moon Bay and I stumbled across a very strange headshot photo of Fred MacMurray personally signed, telling a woman named Erin that it was nice to work with her, love and wishes, Fred. All of our trips have been food and book-centric. We went to City Lights, and across the street Al Capone's Adult Book Store had a ten percent off Easter sale. How sweet of them. The only camera I have is the Lomo, and as usual I can't remember if it is black and white or color film, and how big the roll is. So the possibility of photos is entirely up in the air.

Watched Love & Death last night. Woody has a real love for Groucho and Ingmar. It's good to see, and it's cool seeing him move that love into a kind of farce that neither predecessor exactly tackled.

Today we head to Palo Alto.

Pictured above;
The hilarious New York Times link photo to the political section. Take a guess who they are rooting for? On the right, you have Obama literally in the shadows with a glare on his face. Very Blackula of them. On the left, there's McCain looking like a NUTCASE. The voice that goes along with that face is "YAHAHAHA!" And in the middle, pristine well-lit gleaming teeth and centered Hillary.

I was in the middle of writing a paper on 2001 and Thomas Pynchon when I found out Arthur C. Clarke died. The second funniest part in the movie. Space polaroid with the Monolith. Everybody squeeze in tight! The funniest part is when HAL gets all colloquial and goes "Look, Dave. I know I've made some mistakes."

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