Friday, March 7, 2008

Bishop Alperman

What a great day. Ryan and I went on a quickie day trip to Bishop to get some preliminary work done on Alperman. The trip could not have gone better. We spoke to people at the Chamber of Commerce, City Hall, the Mule Days office, and more. The attitude was consistently enthusiastic and we're practically set up for a Mule Days documentary. We pitched Alperman Grapplefest a number of times and every time it was loved and laughed at. Perfect reactions. Getting the rodeo arena for the big finale is completely do-able, and everyone was not only eager but excited to help out. The proposal will go through May 1 now with entire support of the city, media relations, commerce, and even a couple small businesses we want to shoot in. You should have seen the grins
The biggest surprise was the Fairgrounds. We went to their offices and they let us wander around, take photos. They encouraged us to take out ads in the paper for a casting call and even hold a town meeting of sorts to get a large number of people to fill the stands. This could easily turn into exactly what we wanted. Which is really, really exciting and scary. We walked around the empty stands and all I could do is jump around and get giddy and nervous and realize: oh my god, we have a huge responsibility to make this as good as we can.

Scouting unearthed a lot of little items in the town that we obviously have to use. The cattle-releaser is one of these items.

It's a cool way of going about a movie. The terrain and the town are there and accessible, so we write for the area, gags that will work in this space and this space only. We also hope to cast up there, which is even better.

The next six months will be dedicated to building a core production team. We need audio, producers. We need to be able to go on set and not mess up.

We also saw this ridiculous sign. Too easy?

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