Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Russia Kicking It Old School

One thing I adore about this new political awareness that everyone seems to have and has been plastered all over the media is that it has led to the same blindfold that we were wearing in the first place. Some events that have been dwarfted by Hilary's hideous face: The end of the Korean War, Kosovo's Independence, Castro's steps down from power, and, by far my favorite, the rise of the good old mad sudo-dictator, Putin.

Putin is the man with the plan. Unfortunatly that plan is one of cartoonish super villany, but still, I have to respect his class. Last week Putin threatened to send his missles into Ukraine (and i doubt he ment by trucks) if the country did not pay the Russian government four times the amount that they have been paying for the natural gas Ukraine has been importing.

See, now this is old school. Not only were the Russians crazy enough to build a robotic sub for the sole purpose of planting a flag below the artic shelf, now their extorting their neighbors by threating to break their proverbial legs with not-so-proverbial missiles. I love that at least someone is keeping the old traditions alive.

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