Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Handsome REM

Finishing Be Handsome today. Just ran through the first thirty pages. Only one scene isn't working, and other than that I love every bit of it. Very exciting. If I can get an idea of that damn scene down in the next hour or so then I can go from there to the last tenish pages and have it done by tonight. Then I'll send it out to everyone, then have ALPERMAN written in one comedic flurry in the next week. Shazam!

I really do love REM with all my heart. Not many things do it to me like Michael Stipe's voice. They are a staple of everything I do, and there's a lot of buzz around the new album. Everyone shits on them since Monster, but my favorite album is New Adventures in Hi-Fi, and UP is actually really, really good when you give it some the 7 years that it took me to like it. The new one is called Accelerate and I will be glad to have them back. The prospect of them being renewed gives me glee. Here's the new video. It isn't the most amazing song in the whole wide world, but it made me tear up and I'm sure it will kick a lot of ass live.

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