Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Three quotes, some notes.

Three quotes from Pynchon's V. that are opening themselves up to me.

"He wandered down Via dell' Orivolo, counting the dark spaces between street lamps as he had once counted the number of puffs it took him to extinguish all his birthday candles. This year, next year, sometime, never. There were more candles at this point perhaps than even he could dream; but nearly all had been blown to twisted black wicks and the party needed very little to modulate to the most gently radiant of wakes. He turned left toward the hospital and surgeons' school, tiny and gray-haired and casting a shadow, he felt, much too large."

"For that moment at least they seemed to give up external plans, theories and codes, even the inescapable romantic curiosity about one another, to indulge in being simply and purely young, to share that sense of the world's affliction, that outgoing sorrow at the spectacle of Our Human Condition which anyone this age regards as reward or gratuity for having survived adolescence. For them the music was sweet and painful, the strolling chains of tourists like a Dance of Death."

"As he passed the Palazzo Corsini, towering nebulous and fair above him, he thought: what an amusing world it still is, where things can be found where they do not belong. For example, out there on the river now with a thousand liters of wine are a man in love with Venus, and a sea captain, and his fat son. And back in the Uffizi...He roared aloud. In the room of Lorenzo Monaco, he remembered amazed, before Botticelli's Birth of Venus, still blooming purple and gay, there is a hollow Judas tree."

Saw the new Woody. It was not good. A couple great parts, a lot of boring. Saw Cloverfield, which just made me regret not going to see National Treasure 2 instead. Revisited Double Indemnity, which is not as good on the small screen. It is a requirement to see it in the cinema. Out of the Past, on the other hand, is phenomenal any way you look at it. Tonight I may attend Faust alone, but the prospect of a non-picnic is not as exciting. Skipped F is For Fake, because the universe told me so, over and over again, and I tend to try to not be dense about such things. Film on Mr. Thelonius Monk tomorrow, might try to hit that one up. Is I'm Not There going to be a much different rewatch now that Mr. Ledger is dead? Hm.

Thinking and nervous lately, on the crest of a great year. We'll see how it starts. I'm writing exactly what I want to write, with no internal expectations or external preconceptions. It is a good position to be in.

Strong Men and Beautiful Women is coming along well, in its final stages. Some quick edits and tweaking of sound effects and we should have a lovely bit of film on our hands. Then we hand it over for music. Grant, where's our poster?

Ladies are constantly an oscillating problem/confusion/jittery wonder with me. I hope we go right, I really do.

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